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Happy Monday everybody, I’m Molly!

As one of the newest team members at Kickback Coffee and soon to be head of all things e-commerce and website related, we thought what better way to introduce myself to all of our wonderful customers, than by writing a little introductory blog.

I stumbled into the world of coffee when I started drinking it around 2 years ago. Prior to this I only drank tea and I still can’t start or end my day without a good old English Breakfast (sorry Alex!) Having danced from a young age and studying it after finishing school, I then found myself at a crossroads being utterly unsure of what path I wanted to take. After working part time in retail and hospitality for a number of years, I felt as though I was ready for a new adventure.

Never did I think I’d be working in a speciality coffee roasters, but here we are!

Since starting at KBC I have learnt how to thoroughly appreciate and understand what goes into making a great cup of coffee - from where the beans are sourced to receiving a cup of happiness.

Granted I may not be a black coffee drinker just yet, but a Latte or Flat White - yes please!

Supporting small and independent businesses such as Kickback matters a lot to me - along with sustainability and looking after the planet - and now more than ever it is so invaluable to do so. Combine that with my love of rummaging for a bargain and I probably single handedly fund the car-boots, charity and vintage shops in Cheshire!

Adventuring in the Peak and Lake districts, accompanied by an eclectic playlist and seeking out places to refuel with coffee and cake, is another way I enjoy discovering life’s hidden treasures. Which funnily enough is how I came across Kickback.

As dance has been such a big part of my life, I’ve been aware that ballet dancers, along with a number of other athletes, are renowned for getting their caffeine fix during training and as a part of their lifestyle. This is a subject I find quite interesting due to the physical and mental aspects behind it. Which somewhat ties in with KBC’s eagerness to encourage and support outdoor sports and adventure being accompanied by coffee. The chat that Alex had about cyclists and cafe culture with Adam Blythe for the virtual London Coffee Festival, also ties into the connection between coffee and sports. A subject I may write a blog on in the future - Let us know if you’d be interested in reading it.

I’m looking forward to meeting more of you, whether that be in person (of course including any four legged friends which is always a highlight of my day) or online through the website.

Have a great week and keep smiling!

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