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Melbourne Trip

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

Anybody who's anybody in the coffee world, talks about Melbourne as being the Mecca of coffee. So whilst in Australia, I would have been stupid to have not paid a visit to the coffee centre of the world. I had set up a couple of visits, had several recommendations and also just planned to walk around to see what the fuss was all about.

Brother Baba Budan

When you first walk into the shop you are met by their increbile ceiling art, its a collection of old mis-match chairs dangling at random angles with cable lighting interspersed amongst the chaos. The walls have had their wallpaper stripped and are left looking used but fitting.

The coffee I sampled was their batch brew Colombian single origin from Mayelo Toro, Huila. On sampling the coffee, I thought it had a creamy marshmallow and green apple taste. Surprisingly sweet for a Colombian.

Apologies for the closeup, I loved the chairs and this was the only photo showing them.

Brother Baba Budan

Market Lane Cofffee

Industrial white walls, not clean white, but stripped back exposed brick with an aged white paint. They don't have any tables in the shop, the only seating is situated in bay windows and in recesses within the shop walls. At Market Lane they don't offer any food, their main focus is on the coffee and damn is it good coffee.

Stagger Lee's

More restaurant than cafe/coffee shop but the flat white tasted excellent. Made with an unknown house blend, it had a good amount of sweetness, breaking through the milk well.

Stagger Lee's Flatwhite

AU 79

Now, this was one of the most recommended places that I visited and therefore was a 'must see'. The unit itself is a cafe, retail and roastery. Truthfully, a location that I'd love.

AU79 Entrance

Welcomed by clean white walls, black exposed beams and vibrant green indoor plants, which all comes together to scream 'natural products'. I was greeted by Lawrence (the general manager) who ironically was a fellow Brit. Whilst at AU79 I sampled 3 coffees;

1. Burundi - Ntamba as a pour over

2. Brazil - Cafundo as a batch brew

3. Espresso Blend - Straight espresso

The Brazilian Cafundo stood out. The natural processed single origin extracted an amazing chocolatey intensity with a balanced citrus sweetness. Think chocolate orange in a glass of perfection. Very good.


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