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Please be under no illusion that I regularly holiday in such beautiful locations, but on this occasion, I've been rather fortunate. I spent a week relaxing on the incredible Island of Biyadhoo, Maldives where the coffee served was the gravy kind. Fortunately for me, I always pack a travel kit. Which includes

  • Fresh Coffee

  • Rhinoware Hand Grinder

  • Aeropress and Filters

  • Kompresso

  • Glass Cork KeepCup

Coffee Travel Kit

I would always sample a hotel's coffee option, but in my experience 9/10 its terrible. I'm asked a lot what I use to make coffee whilst camping, travelling, staying in hotels, etc. and the answer I usually give is Aeropress. Its simple, compact and robust enough to be thrown in a rucksack and be safe knowing that it wont be damaged. I also have fallen for the simplicity of the Kompresso, especially if I'm looking for an espresso to start the day. I first sampled this device at London Coffee Festival and was surprised at the quality of the shot and ease of use. It is very clean and again I have found that it can be thrown in a bag and I've not had any problems since. It genuinely does makes a decent shot, and extracts a good quality crema on top.

I'm not one for lying on a beach all day so definitely have to find activities to keep me occupied. On this particular day, I thought it would be pretty cool to paddle board to a jetty, which essentially is the seaplane airport docking station. Why not take a coffee with me? So I did.

Ocean Coffee

My cousin had a drone so took a pretty cool video of 'The Making of an Aeropress at Sea', this picture is a little grainy but the video @kickbackcoffee on Instagram, is pretty cool.

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