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Honduras Coquin

Introducing…Honduras Coquin.

Our latest coffee and you guessed it, comes from Honduras!

There are a lot of interesting and unique flavour notes in Honduran coffee so it was a no brainer for us in our selection; if you have ever been lucky enough to get your hands on some great Honduras beans, I am sure you will agree.

Our selection is sourced from the Guara Azul Microlots, meaning our Honduras Coquin coffee has come directly from a small individual farm. To be precise, Coquin is a small farm based in the Erandique, Lempira region of Honduras and has been produced by Maria Pascual Diaz. It is our aim to one day source the majority of our coffee direct from source. Meaning we will have a closer connection to the important people who make our coffee taste delicious and be in a better position to support their needs.

Maria Pascual Diaz grows her coffee on a small farm at an elevation of 1,800 metres above sea level and uses cherries from three varieties of coffee plant: Lempira, Ihacafe 90 and Catuai.

Wet processing is largely widespread in Honduras and Maria has tailored this renowned technique for use in her farm. The process which Maria has used is a fully washed process followed by drying in African beds after harvesting between February and May. The altitude which the coffee has been grown, combined with the process that she has used has given tasting notes of well-balanced milk chocolate with a fruit pastel sweetness.

Simple Breakdown

Varietal: Lempira, Ihacafe 90 and Catuai

Process: Fully Washed Wet Mill

Altitude: 1800m

Body: Full-bodied robustness

Acidity: Bright

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate and Fruit Pastels

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