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Coffee Cupping

Cupping done and the new coffees for the Roastery have now been selected.

When we make a decision to buy a new single origin coffee, it has to pass one big we like it?

Now this simple question is answered by doing blind cupping and no you don't have to do it with your eyes closed. When I say blind, there are no indicators as to type or price of the coffee when tasting it.

To try to keep the comparison as fair as possible, all of the coffees are roasted to the same roast level and in the same batch size. From there we will brew the coffee using exact measures and times to try to keep the comparison to Apples and Apples (so to say) using cups as our brewing method.

Why cupping?

The way that we brew the coffee is with emersion method which is the easiest to replicate and easiest to be consistent with.

What does it look like? You take 10g of coarsely ground coffee, add 170ml of hot water and leave to brew for 4 minutes. Then after 4 minutes you break the crust (gently push the coffee to one side of the cup) and give a very light mix.

After this you are looking to remove any bits that are left on the surface so that you don't have to chew your way through the cupping session.

In another 4 minutes time, you're on. It's your job as a 'cupper' to slurp the coffee off your spoon to create air in each mouthful. By aerating the coffee you will hopefully encourage your tastebuds to extract the different coffee notes.

Repeat this slurping process 2 more times at 4 minute intervals. Meaning the coffee cools, brews and keeps developing. If this is something that you would like to have a go at, all I would suggest is try smelling the coffee at every opportunity and also that you don't need to swallow the coffee after each slurp.

Finally, once the new world finds some sense of normality, we plan to have open cupping sessions where you lovely people will be able to come and join in a group cupping, which will hopefully be a great opportunity to learn more about the process and how you can develop your coffee palate.

Thanks for reading and enjoy.

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