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Brazil Baby!

Back in May I was introduced to Calum Maciel Brough, the son of a Brazilian coffee producing family. He messaged to say that he had samples of his families coffee and some from his neighbours and that I must try it. As with all our of coffees in the Roastery, we cup and we select on taste. Fast forward several months later and one fairly inconspicuous lockdown, and I am proud to say that Terra Preta is this months coffee.

When we received our coffee order from Calum, he very kindly drove to the Roastery to come see what we do and also to talk us through some of the processes that his family go through to produce this wonderful coffee.

The coffee from Fazenda Terra Preta is made with carefully selected beans and has a remarkable aroma, soft body, natural sweetness, and a finishing fruity flavour. Located in Pedregulho/SP the Fazenda Terra Preta has favourable climate for arabica coffee production, with crops between 900 and 1000 meters above sea level, resulting in beans with exceptional quality and unique characteristics.

The Region of Alta Mogiana is a traditional producer of the best Sao Paulo coffees because of its high altitude, favourable climate and extensive experience in the production of fine coffee. The Alta Mogiana Region benefits from excellent infrastructure with easy access to technology, skilled labour and complete infrastructure.

The current owners are the 4th generation of family farmers, who combine tradition with the latest technology, sustainability issues and passion for coffee.

When myself and Annemarie cupped this coffee we both decided it has an incredible chocolatey body with a slight blackberry sweetness. We decided to roast this with a light profile to hopefully exaggerate the sweetness. This would make a perfect cup for a hot summers day.

FARM – Terra Preta

OWNERS – Fernanda Maciel Raucci and children

ALTITUDE – 1090 meters above sea level

LOCATION – Pedregulho, Alta Mogiana. Sao Paulo

PROCESS – Natural process, sun dried, 45 days of resting period .

CERTIFICATIONS - Rainforest Alliance certified, UTZ certified and Alta Mogiana Specialty Coffee Association (AMSC)

VARIETY – Yellow Bourbon

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