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Annie’s Coffee Journey

My journey into coffee was very organic; a series of unexpected opportunities developed that eventually lead me on to this coffee brick road. I mean I never imagined I would be working alongside Alex, in the best coffee roastery in Cheshire, that’s for sure!

To put it into perspective, when I was a kid, I wanted to be a Caterpillar when I grew up - so take of that what you will...

Rewind to 2018, I had just been offered the opportunity to work as a brand rep on behalf of Sage Appliances on their coffee machines (for which I have the lovely Tom from Stellar to thank); and I had THE best time working for them. Before that I was a complete coffee amateur - a flat-WHAT?! Needless to say, I had never used a coffee machine or tasted freshly roasted coffee and my latte art was little more than what I like to call the classic foam cloud [check the picture below for proof]. But thanks to Tom and the rest of the Sage team these are things I can now do and do every day (minus the foam cloud of course, these have grown into actual distinguishable shapes). I made it my mission to learn latte art so that not a single coffee is given to a customer without a picture on the top. You’ve got to start somewhere; practice makes perfect and it’s also really fun to do!

Fast-forward 2 years down the line and having been introduced to Alex through the Sage masterclasses at the latter end of 2019, I now find myself heading to the Roastery every day to delve deeper into the coffee world (even sometimes to beat Alex in our latte art dice game).

I did not realise how big the coffee world was, until I opened that door, and even now I learn something new every day! From properly making a cafetière, V60 and an AeroPress. Even cupping for instance, that’s something I had never experienced before – but it’s something that’s so important in coffee.

For me, trying to differentiate the tastes, or understand what it was that I liked about one coffee over another was a real experiment. I remember smelling one of the coffee’s and saying it reminded me of strawberry milkshake, I mean STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE?! FROM A COFFEE BEAN?! I thought it was crazy! However, I now know that when it comes to coffee I lean towards the chocolaty, nutty flavours as they go nicely in my flat white (you read that right, a flat WHITE)! So, the strawberry milkshake coffee didn’t make the final cut. I ultimately settled on one that reflected my flavour preferences, which is a natural Brazilian and will be in the Roastery at the beginning of August! So, if you have similar taste preferences to me, then definitely give it a try!

I’m so excited about learning everything to come and being able to share the rest of my story with you all in future blogs, so keep tuned in!

Annie’s coffee of choice: Brazilian Natural Terra Preta

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