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2021 - What will it be?

For a lot of people, seeing the back of 2020 couldn't have come fast enough. At Kickback Coffee, we had an exciting year, a year filled with plenty of turbulence but also a lot of successes. Annemarie joined the team full time and we had help from Joe, Liam and Charlie throughout the year. We opened up the Roastery for people to come sample our coffee or to buy their fresh roasted coffee for at home. We upgraded a lot of our equipment with help from our friends at La Marzocco who we are now a certified reseller for. We sold soooooo many Sage machines to all of you wonderful people locked up at home and enjoyed many facetime sessions to help with setup and dialling in.

New Roastery Equipment:

  • La Marzocco Linea PB

  • Mazzer Major

  • Mahlkonig EK43

  • Marco SP9

  • Giesen W15

For me, the most exciting element of 2020 came right at the end. We purchased a new roaster.

At the beginning of my coffee roasting journey, when the humble beginnings were a gumtree bought popcorn machine, I never envisioned owning a roaster this size. Getting the new Giesen into the Roastery and set up next to our previous Giesen made me smile so much. It might sound a little corny, but I'm really proud that it's all grown from a hobby. Also, I'm so excited about what the new roaster will allow and enable us to do. The opportunities for this year are looking pretty special.

Without going on too much about what we have coming up for 2021, I can promise you this. Even with everything that is happening, we are still moving forward. We are working on some incredible partnerships, collaborations and projects which will be fun to share with you when we can. We have aspirations to find a second location to spread the Kickback Coffee message and also to create some extra elements at the Roastery itself.

All of this is subject to the world we live in. Given that restrictions are ever changing, as will our plans. That being said, we will keep roasting, keep sending out fresh roasted coffee and keep helping you to make the best cup of coffee possible.

Thanks for reading and keep smiling.


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